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Buying South Carolina Bottles & Pottery

Also Spartanburg , S.C. Items

This site is compliments of 

B & B Antiques & Estate Liquidators LLC

Spartanburg , SC  , Ph# 864-590-4681---864-590-1306

SC Auctioneer # 3924




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Above are a few samples of the bottles that we buy. Also we buy Local Flask from South Carolina. I will buy most any old bottle from Spartanburg,Greenville,Gaffney and Union.

We also buy the following items from Spartanburg,South Carolina:

Store Tokens

Early Photographs ( especially Town scenes )

Postcards before 1925 from Gaffney,Union and Spartanburg

Old Badges and Buttons from Spartanburg,Gaffney and Union

Trays,Tip Trays,Banks Signs , Etc.

Anything old from Spartanburg,South Carolina

You can contact me thru my email 

Call me at 1-864-590-4681 or 1-864-590-4681 in Spartanburg , South Carolina